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Global Learning Coordinator

Global Learning Coordinator

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5640 - Student Success Office
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Temporary Appointment (Contract)
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$53,120 - $66,400

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Term: 12 to 14 months


Within the Student Success Office, responsible for the overall coordination, implementation, and evaluation of initiatives and processes related to the university’s student mobility and global learning strategies, including the overall administration of the Global Experience Certificate (GEC). Plays a key role in the successful strengthening and expansion of Waterloo international activities and in the administration of core strategies that promote, formalize, and recognize global experience acquired by current Waterloo students, all of which represent critical components of institutional internationalization goals.


Responsible for coordinating undergraduate and graduate student mobility programs, including developing, coordinating, marketing, delivering, and evaluating support programs and services

  • Responsible for the development, ongoing administration, and assessment of a campus-wide catalogue of international experiential learning opportunities
  • Serves as the initial central coordinating contact with students who are participating in student mobility programs, including prospective students, applicants, and returning students, providing exceptional customer service as well as timely and accurate information
  • Responsible for accurately and efficiently processing all aspects of student mobility applications, including but not limited to the review, approval, and reporting of all records; the summarizing of information and statistics; and the
  • maintenance of confidential records and databases
  • Each term, coordinates, markets, and delivers student-centred programs and events that encourage and enable Waterloo students to internationalize their degree
  • Responsible for facilitating the transition of and support for international incoming non-degree students so that they can engage in a meaningful intercultural experience at Waterloo
  • Proactively, independently, and diplomatically successfully negotiates satisfactory solutions with respect to any problems or conflicts that arise
  • In consultation with the Manager International Mobility and Intercultural Learning, vets and approves international volunteer and internship opportunities for Waterloo students and other campus stakeholders
  • In collaboration with the SSO Communications team, contribute to the development of promotional materials, publicity, and marketing of student mobility programs across campus
  • Responsible for maintaining knowledge of and effectively providing all pertinent information, including but not limited to university administrative procedures, non-degree admission policies, application procedures and requirements, housing options, orientation programs, risk management protocols, pre-departure and re-entry programs, and any other matters that affect the welfare of students engaged in mobility programs
  • Creates and manages positive, effective relationships with domestic and international students, applicants, faculty members, and university administrators and staff, representing the university in a mature, credible, personable, professional manner that reinforces Waterloo’s reputation
  • Ensures that current Waterloo students involved in student mobility programs are provided with the necessary support, resources, and pertinent information and that they participate in the mandatory pre-departure training for any students going abroad
  • Develops, administers, and delivers regular pre-departure and re-entry programs for outbound students, including monitoring risk management protocols and ensuring that students understand and adhere to them


Responsible for providing proactive, effective administrative management of all aspects of global learning initiatives, including implementing and supporting effective campus-wide assessment tools

  • Works closely with the Manager International Mobility and Intercultural Learning, with respect to the development, implementation, monitoring, and reporting of a campus-wide global learning assessment tool and process for international mobility programs
  • Oversees the administration of effective assessment methods, tools, and metrics for measuring the level of achievement of global learning initiatives, including but not limited to program goals and success as well as learning outcomes
  • Develops, coordinates, implements, and evaluates expansive and comprehensive engagement and support services for inbound and outbound students who are pursuing an international experience through a university sanctioned mobility program
  • Coordinates unit-wide responsibilities, special events, and special projects, including but not limited to study abroad fairs, information sessions, pre-departure and re-entry programs, overseeing registration processes; booking venues, catering, and audio-visual needs; and ensuring the smooth functioning of events by negotiating and solving any unforeseen problems that may arise
  • Responsible for managing correspondence and communication related to the effective promotion, implementation, and evaluation of global learning initiatives
  • Develops, writes, and follows appropriate process documentation that accurately records all components of each particular initiative for which s/he is responsible
  • As required, represents WI on regular committees, providing expertise and insight with respect to student mobility & global learning initiatives, advocating on behalf of WI interests


Responsible for implementing, coordinating, and administering all aspects of the Global

  • Experience Certificate (GEC), including research, marketing, student advising, and record keeping
  • Serves as the principal administrative contact and central coordinating liaison with all students, staff, and faculty associated with the management of all aspects of the GEC, providing superior customer service, helpful responses to inquiries, and effective clarification of GEC policies and procedures
  • Screens proposals from Waterloo departments, professional schools, and university colleges who seek approval of courses and other elements for inclusion in the GEC, and makes appropriate recommendations to the Associate Vice President (AVP) International
  • Interviews students who apply for the GEC; determines their eligibility; and offers helpful, friendly advice, counselling, and encouragement with respect to completing the requirements.
  • Coordinates and oversees all GEC language testing
  • Develops and maintains an efficient, accurate system for recording all GEC-related student information
  • Maintains up-to-date knowledge of the status of all courses that meet GEC requirements, as listed in the Undergraduate Calendar; monitors course additions and deletions approved by the Senate Undergraduate Council (SUC); and provides accurate, timely updates for inclusion in the calendar
  • Monitors and updates the content of the GEC web pages to ensure the accuracy, clarity, completeness, and appeal of the information provided
  • In close collaboration with the Manager International Mobility and Intercultural Learning, and the AVP International, troubleshoots any GEC-related issues that may arise, contributing to the positive resolution of problems and conflicts
  • As requested by the Manager International Mobility and Intercultural Learning and/or the AVP International, prepares and writes GEC-related submissions for the SUC


Collaborates, advises, and consults

  • Collaborates with and advises the Manager International Mobility and Intercultural Learning, with respect to all aspects of the initiatives for which s/he is responsible
  • In the absence of the Manager International Mobility and Intercultural Learning, at his/her request, ensures that when possible, matters related to unit-wide responsibilities are dealt with in a professional and timely manner.
  • Provides campus-wide expertise with respect to international mobility, global learning, and any GEC-related matters
  • With recognition and understanding of the disparate priorities of other campus departments involved in international initiatives, works collaboratively to build consensus and to ensure the success of WI projects through effective interactions with Waterloo faculty, staff, and students
  • Embraces the basic principles of the Waterloo workplace as set out by Organization & Human Development (OHD): cooperates, shares ideas, and works together for a common purpose by focusing on the situation, issue or behaviour, not the person; maintains the self-confidence and self-esteem of others; maintains constructive relationships; takes the initiative to make things better; leads by example; and thinks beyond the moment


Understands and applies current, relevant market research and institutional knowledge

  • Keeps fully informed and knowledgeable about all aspects of programs, Waterloo and external administrative/admission requirements, protocols, student life, and any other matters related to the initiatives for which s/he is responsible, including but not limited to risk management, needs assessments, and student motivations and behaviours, with the goal of ensuring that all students are provided with the necessary support, resources, and pertinent information
  • Keeps well versed in GEC-related undergraduate courses and academic requirements, language testing, international experience opportunities, cross-cultural component options, and any other matters related to GEC requirements
  • Conducts research related to the monitoring and enhancement of international mobility and global learning initiatives, including the investigation of the student experience and associated development programs, establishing research objectives and creating data analysis solutions to inform decision-making, strategy development, messaging, and budget; to determine the optimal methods of evaluating the effectiveness of the initiatives for which s/he is responsible; and to ascertain and recommend the most effective enhancements
  • Presents research findings along with associated recommendations for the enhancement of student mobility and global learning approaches
  • Prepares and presents biannual reports based on research results and statistical tracking information to guide international mobility and global learning related decisions
  • Maintains awareness of cultural norms and sensitive issues in international areas relevant to Waterloo student mobility and global learning interests


  • Carries out other general and specific duties as may from time to time be determined, including the completion of special projects for the Manager, International Mobility and Intercultural Learning, as assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • 5 years of direct experience in an educational environment with proven success overseeing experiential learning programs in similar positions
  • Essential: Volunteer management experience or certificate in volunteer management
  • Essential: Demonstrated experience and sensitivity in a cross-cultural context
  • Essential: Ability to influence and motivate others
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills, with proven high level of aptitude for and success in providing exceptional customer service
  • Aptitude for and interest in working with students
  • Awareness of and sensitivity to cultural, language, religious, political, socio-economic, and other relevant factors in areas associated with Waterloo’s international interests
  • Sound understanding of Waterloo policies and procedures related to student mobility programs and familiarity with the range of international experience opportunities available to Waterloo students
  • Clear understanding of student audiences, both at Waterloo and internationally, particularly with respect to the considerations that influence their participation in student mobility programs and experiential learning outcomes, coupled with experience communicating with and marketing to students
  • Proven research, analytical, and problem-solving skills as well as demonstrated creativity, flexibility, and success in resolving conflicts
  • Talent for clear and positive communication, with excellent written and oral communication skills coupled with superior attention to detail, an aptitude for presenting data clearly and professionally, and experience developing and giving effective presentations
  • Proven ability to provide a mature, competent, professional presence vis-à-vis students, faculty, staff, and external contacts involved in international mobility programs
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively, build consensus, maintain confidentiality, exhibit sensitivity to the needs and interests of a variety of stakeholders, and provide effective coordination of diverse projects
  • Strong organizational skills coupled with the ability to take initiative, work independently, handle multiple tasks, meet conflicting deadlines, and excel in a fast-paced environment characterized by changing priorities
  • Demonstrated ability to thrive in and contribute to an integrated and collaborative team environment and to apply a positive team approach to working with colleagues
  • Intermittent work outside the normal operating hours of the institution and occasional travel may be required