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LMS/QA Specialist

LMS/QA Specialist

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5270 - Centre for Extended Learning
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Temporary Appointment (Contract)
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$48,620 - $66,400

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Term: 14 months


Reporting to the Production Manager, the LMS/QA Specialist is responsible for:

• Contributing to CEL online course development and delivery, especially with regard to the effective use of the Learning Management System (LMS).
• Quality assurance for all CEL online courses, ensuring readiness for the start of term.


During the design and development of a new online course, the LMS/QA Specialist and Instructional Digital Media Developer form a collaborative project team led by an Online Learning Consultant (OLC). Each of the team members have distinct roles and responsibilities in the development of a new online course, as outlined in the CEL Course Development Process Role Breakdown.

During the preparation of re-offer courses, the LMS/QA Specialist works closely with individual faculty members to establish revision objectives and to communicate deadlines and negotiate an appropriate work schedule for each
course. It is essential that the LMS/QA Specialist meets deadlines so that the course is ready for the start of term and students can be sent required materials in advance.


The Course Production environment is evolving as more courses are delivered online and as technologies evolve. The LMS/QA Specialist must keep abreast of these changes, particularly maintaining currency with regards to the
core LMS platform. As the LMS evolves through version upgrades the LMS/QA Specialist must maintain mastery of both functionality within the system and best practice.


For LMS/QA Specialists working on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) courses, a math background is often required to be able to work effectively with the content.


Please note this is not a software development life cycle quality QA role.


Complete all tasks and responsibilities associated with the pre-term preparation of RE-OFFER online courses, as described in the QA Master Checklist‡:

  • Provide comprehensive technical testing and proofing of all course components; ensuring readiness for the start of term (each LMS/QA Specialist being assigned a number of re-offer courses across a range of disciplines each term by the Lead LMS/QA Specialist in consultation with the Production Manager)
  • Update, change, or create HTML, scripting and CSS in all courses as necessary
  • Implement instructor-directed course revisions:
    • Make required changes to the master course materials and LMS shell setup
    • Make minor changes to online course content and pass major content changes to the Course Fix Request List for Developer assignment
    • Judge which revision requests from instructors represent a change to the pedagogic approach in the course, and flag these to the Lead OLC for OLC assignment
  • Provide expertise and guidance to instructors engaged in the revision process, as it pertains to the effective use of the LMS
  • Communicate clearly and effectively, collaborating with course authors/instructors as required to meet course delivery objectives. Remain tactful but firm with instructors to ensure timely feedback
  • For revised materials, proofread and test content; check for consistency of terminology and formatting; check audio coherence within course concepts and provide feedback to Developer
  • Test for web accessibility and usability and keep abreast of industry standards, best practice and advances in technology and techniques in these areas
  • Test all online components in various browsers and on various hardware platforms. Alert technical support staff to problems as appropriate
  • Review and discuss any changes or problems concerning the course with the course author (the instructor) and when appropriate with the Production Manager
  • Maintain a record of all course information, including that associated with revisions, in a shared database for all members of the Production Team
  • Work closely with the CEL Systems group to troubleshoot and investigate system issues, and to keep informed of LMS upgrades and best practices
  • Complete periodic implementation of cross-course system updates
  • Assist with testing specific LMS functionality and troubleshooting of local issues
  • Given exposure to all CEL online courses, identify best practices that exist in some courses and may be transferable to others, and flag these to the Course Production Team
  • If required, assist with copyright clearance for any materials included in the course. This sometimes involves submitting a written request for permission, as well as follow up communication (verbal or written). The LMS/QA Specialist must ensure that all permissions are received and properly documented before the course materials are released for duplication and distribution
  • Assist with maintenance of records about the status and cost of copyright permissions as well as renewal requirements and deadlines and limitations for international distribution
  • Keep informed of developing laws regarding digital copyright
  • If required, organize the preparation of printed or digital course materials, including:
    • Coordinating textbook information with course instructors and liaising with the Book Store to share information and place orders
    • Liaising with Graphics on copyright issues, books of readings, and course notes; ensuring that the scanned copy of print materials stored on the Graphics system is updated, and that materials are ready for duplication by established deadlines

Fulfill all responsibilities of the LMS/QA Specialist in the design, development of NEW online courses, as described in the CEL Course Development Process Role Breakdown† and contribute to the development
of CEL production and delivery processes through cross-functional working group participation and leadership in Course Production projects.

  • Contribute to the development of new online courses, as it pertains to the effective use of the LMS
  • Participate in the requirements analysis and design phases of course development, to understand shared goals and needs
  • Provide LMS expertise to the project team, helping to inform design and development decisions, such as those associated with:
    • Learning Activities within the LMS
    • Assessment Strategies within the LMS
  • User experience
  • Complete the setup of specific LMS components of new online courses, where advanced knowledge/expertise is required, including: building of quizzes, question banks, gradebook setup, creation of intelligent agents
    (further detailed in the CEL Course Development Process Role Breakdown†)
  • Contribute to the evolution of the course development model and related processes, through participation in
    cross-functional working groups
  • Contribute to the development of LMS administration and content/data migration processes
  • Provide training and support to new hires and junior staff within the Course Production group, as it pertains to the effective us of the LMS. Advise on proper LMS tool use. Promote the effective use of the LMS amongst
    those engaged in course development
  • Provide individual training and mentoring
  • Provide group training, as directed by the Manager, Course Production
  • Lead Course Production projects and initiatives as assigned by the Manager, Course Production


† The CEL Course Development Process Role Breakdown is an internal CEL process document. It outlines the responsibilities of the Online Learning Consultant, Instructional Digital Media Developer, and LMS/QA Specialist, during the development of a typical CEL online course.


‡ The QA Master Checklist is an internal CEL tool. It provides a comprehensive framework for the preparation of re-offer and new online courses with regards to the setup, testing and proofing of these courses.




  • Degree or diploma in relevant field
  • Experience using a learning management system for online course development
  • Demonstrated experience with verbal and written communications
  • Superior attention to detail
  • Superior verbal and written communication skills; Ability to interact successfully with instructors, and communicate expectations and suggestions effectively
  • Superior organization skills, time management
  • Proven ability to manage multiple projects and tasks, meet deadlines, and use good judgment and initiative in problem resolution
  • Proven track record of working collaboratively in a team environment
  • Demonstrated superior work ethic, initiative, ability to work independently with occasional direction
  • Dependability, discretion, a responsible attitude
  • Continuous improvement mindset
  • Experience with manipulating HTML and CSS is an advantage