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Undergraduate Advisor/Coordinator, Mechatronics Engineering

Undergraduate Advisor/Coordinator, Mechatronics Engineering

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2425 - Mechanical & Mechatronics Eng.
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$44,335 - $55,419

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The Undergraduate Advisor/Coordinator, Mechatronics Engineering is responsible for the academic advisement and administration of the Mechatronics Engineering undergraduate program within the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering.  The scope of the position encompasses the following key functions: advises Mechatronics Engineering undergraduate students with respect to academic matters, coordinates numerous recruitment and outreach events to promote undergraduate studies in the Department, organizes and attends curriculum and advisory committee meetings and acts as a resource for examination and promotion meetings, provides administrative support to instructors of design project offerings and organizes the Mechatronics Capstone Project symposium, works closely with the Director of Mechatronics Engineering to ensure that the Department is meeting  its teaching goals and objectives.  The Undergraduate Advisor/Coordinator, Mechatronics Engineering reports to the Administrative Officer of the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering.


Academic Advising and Student Counselling

  • Acts as first point of contact for undergraduate students in the Mechatronics Engineering program. Provides advice to students concerning their course selections (including program options) to help them achieve academic and career objectives.
  • Responsible for reviewing academic promotion reports to ensure student promotion decisions are correct. This process occurs each academic term and encompasses the verification and/or change of academic standings for each individual student. Knowledge of detailed program/plan requirements is necessary. Duties include conducting interviews to counsel students in jeopardy to develop an action plan for success, by outlining possible options and scenarios;
  • Has full signing authority and assesses and verifies eligibility in numerous UG academic matters including program modifications, course override, course pre-enrollment, Letters of Permission students, course enrollments, co-op stream changes, work term milestones, supplemental exam applications, completion of options and degree requirements.
  • Responsible for the Mechatronics Student course blocks enrollment of regular, coop, exchange and transfer students and acts as a liaison between the student and the Registrar’s Office when necessary.
  • Provides skillful and tactful advice by telephone, through individual appointments, and in writing. Incumbent is sensitive to the needs of a wide client base including parents, high school applicants, co-op students, students taking courses at other universities, letter of permission students , international exchange students, and students registered with AccessAbility Office.
  • Approves changes and exemptions to Mechatronics Engineering degree requirements for returning students, transfer credits for students returning from international exchange, academic standing, requests to graduate and grade revisions.
  • Monitors, evaluates, and provides advice on Mechatronics course sequencing, academic standing, and progression to degree requirements.
  • Interviews and counsels students with conditional or required to withdraw standing in coordination with the Director of Mechatronics to develop an action plan by providing information on Department and University regulations, appeal procedures, alternative, limitations, and possible consequences. 
  • Provides “first-contact’ counseling and advising to students in crisis; this role requires a thorough and confident background in UW ethics and crisis management for issues that range from academic concerns to personal difficulties. Immediate action may be required to connect students with university resources (e.g. Counselling Services) and/or provide practical assistance (e.g. negotiates extensions on course work with instructors).
  • Responsible for maintaining the content of the Mechatronics student distinct devotion database which is an essential tool for managing student academic success as well as providing critical information for long-term planning and counselling.
  • Responsible for reviewing advanced admittance requests by assessing documentation and providing advice to assist the Director of Mechatronics in his or her decision.  Incumbent requires an extremely thorough understanding of the Mechatronics degree requirements and course selection.
  • Acts as liaison for students between student and instructors and consults when necessary with advisors in other academic units and AccessAbility office regarding students of mutual interest and to assist students with learning challenges or emotional difficulties.


  • Works closely with Director of Mechatronics to determine course offerings in order to meet the needs of the regular and coop students, and achieve departmental goals.
  • Responsible for approving eligibility for graduation for students within the Mechatronics Engineering program.
  • Reviews course outlines to avoid conflicts in scheduling and student workload to comply with faculty and university policies.
  • Available as the central resource for a wide range of UG information, providing statistical reporting and general advice for senior departmental administrators and relevant committees.
  • Accountable for collecting and assigning Mechatronics student work reports to TA’s and faculty members for marking, issuing extensions, tracking and updating the work report database and appointing a recipient for the Faculty Work Term Report Award. Primary contact for Industrial Supervisors marking confidential work reports.
  • Provides Mechatronics student pre-enrollment/enrollment course blocks to the Registrars’ Office as well as ensuring all Mechatronics students grades are collected, recorded and submitted.
  • Act as a proctor for deferred exams and special sittings for supplemental exams for students within the Mechatronics program.
  • Provides essential services for instructors and faculty members including ordering textbooks, processing grade reports and revisions.  
  • Develops, implements, and maintains record-keeping to ensure the security of confidential information as well as the student files.
  • Liaison with publishing companies and UW bookstore.
  • A contact for bookings in E3X-4117. Acts as secondary contact for booking E5 3052 and of dedicated classrooms (e.g., E5 3101, 3102, DWE 2402, CPH 3679).
  • Assists the Undergraduate Advisor/Coordinator, Mechanical Engineering during absence.
  • All other duties as assigned by Chair or Administrative Officer.


  • Assesses transfer credits from internal and external institutions, course exemptions and waivers to the Mechatronics degree requirements. Consults, when necessary, with Registrars’ Admissions Specialist regarding transfer credits.
  • Conveys and coordinates admissions processes to Mechatronics Faculty to recruit assistance in areas such as hand-written notes to accompany offers of admission.

Committee Representation

  • Responsible for scheduling, attending, preparing agendas, take and distributing minutes for the Mechatronics Curriculum Committee; Advisory Board Committee (containing parent discipline Department Chairs and senior faculty members) and Divisional Meetings.
  • Participates and acts as a resource to the Mechanical and Mechatronics Student/ Faculty Committee meetings which convey essential departmental information.

Communication and Event Planning

  • Coordinates ME 481 (Mechanical Engineering Design Project) and MTE 482 (Mechatronics Capstone Project). Specific duties include updating project design websites, prepares presentation schedules, collects project registration forms, collects and distributes the final project reports for all Mechatronics Engineering students enrolled in MTE 482, arrange for visitor parking, collects project descriptions.  Incumbent attends and assists with the Mechatronics symposium (set up, greet and review criteria with Industrial judges, support students, maintain marks database).
  • Works closely with the Director of Curriculum Development. (i.e., assisting in the coordination of nomination processes, coordinating exit surveys and arrangements for interviews, organizing forums and assisting with the organization of campus wide activities.
  • Compiles, coordinates and edits UW Calendar and Academic Advisement Template changes related to program requirements, course descriptions and faculty listings.
  • Provides input and edits material for marketing and recruitment on the Mechatronics website and for such events as March Break Open House and Mechatronics Capstone Project Symposium. Oversees the Mechatronics website and in conjunction with department webmaster develops and edits department website.
  • Organizes and assists with various department events including March Break Open House, Iron Ring activities, Orientation Week, Mechatronics  Capstone Project Symposium, Mechatronics BBQ’s, end of term dinner for class representatives, work report and Dean’s Honors’ List recipient reception.
  • Informs instructors of students attending final examinations (i.e., students writing supplemental examinations) and ensuring submission of supplemental grade roster/revisions including term standing adjustments and reduction of failure counts if student passes the examination.
  • Responds to a wide range of enquiries from prospective and current UW students, alumni, and campus colleagues.


  • Post-secondary education or equivalent education and/or experience.
  • Extensive experience in the advisement and administration of undergraduate studies in an academic environment is an asset.
  • Excellent working knowledge of university policies and procedures as they relate to undergraduate studies.
  • Ability to coordinate the preparation of reports and accreditation documents including collection of data and analysis.
  • Demonstrated experience with web development and management.
  • Experience in event planning.
  • Excellent computing skills including proficiency with the latest word processing and spreadsheet software, web development tools, Quest or Sharepoint.
  • Excellent organizational, analytical, communication and problem solving abilities.
  • Demonstrated ability to handle confidential and sensitive information with discretion.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to effectively liaise with the campus community, faculty, staff and students.
  • Proven ability to manage multiple priorities with a high level of initiative, flexibility, accuracy and detail with minimum supervision.